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Pick Up (A Selfish Poem)

Your Skype signed in again
It’s so tempting to call you
There’s a voice screaming at me to just
Pick up the phone
Just pick up the phone
Against every urge
I’m silent, all except these prose
I must stay silent
Must wait
Wait for what?
For the message, the text, the phone call
Another voice tells me
That will never happen
Selfishly, I want you to miss me
I want to make you miss me

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dzloveheartbreaklong distancemissi miss youi miss you alreadydepressionanxietyadhdselfishi am allowed to have selfish feelingsbut i refuse to act selfish anymorethis is my outletSometimes I wake up still thinking of youthinking of you

keanu Reeves 0926 (3/24/15)

throttled with a hatefuck
driving graveyard in a junkyard truck
buried in armor stained in friendship
better left as molten slag
from the twisted heat smoulder
of a shared life dressed in drag.

if anyone asked, we'd bite
that feeding hand, hurt and bleeding
amputees weighed in matrimony
what remains to make it right.

you've been interred in a bingo drum:
limping by on auto-dialers a...

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i miss you already

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