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Tonight's the night have you not heard

Toffee apples have been prepared 

Wonderful pumpkin carving creations 

Creepy decor and illuminations 


Monsters and zombies roam the streets 

Pointed hats webbed hands and feet 

Awakened corpses arise from their tombs 

Black cats and witches fly past on brooms 


Sightings of mummy's and trails of blood 

Are taking over the ...

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Halloweenhalloween poemautumn season


I walk in wonderment,

Through these Winter streets,

Stalks of sodium glare.

I will walk forever if needed,

To be with Heather and her hyacinth hair.


If I walk these distances,

Will the past recede?

A year for every yard perhaps,

Until we are forever young,

In a Vampire’s lair.

Bloody kissing Heather and her hyacinth hair.


We are every bird in flight,


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Halloweenhalloween poemVampires

Halloween Hiring

If you find yourself applying for a soul destroying job maybe...

A job's just come through

From Monsters UK

It's Halloween soon

There's demons 

To slay

Equal opportunities

Be you

Woman or man

Main requirement

Being that

You can


Sharp fangs

Bring in your CV

Be it real

Be it fake

These Evil hearts

Need your 


And stake



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halloween poemJoke


Go back to sleep honey

No need for those tears

Daddy will make certain

To cast away your fears

You see

There’s no such thing as monsters

No ghosts to terrorise

So lie back down and try to sleep

Just close those pretty eyes

You see

If we can chop up mummy

And hide her in the shed

I’m sure that we can deal

With the thing under the bed

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halloween poem

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