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Stay Positive

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The hand reached into the pocket and pulled out lint. Expecting the worst, the lint was a better gift than anticipated. A cop asked me if there are any sharp objects she should know about, I say, "no", knowing that I have dirty tricks up my sleeve. I am arrested. It could always have been worse. So could I. But here I am. Jail Cell. Alone. No friends close. No bail. Alone. Surrounded by humans ...

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He died in the Ark


He died in the Ark

Drowned in sailor suit

 A dropping deck  for pitch in flame

Not made of balance iron nor  dream round


He was the right man for marriage

Animals run one to the other

Unfit deformed


None of the women have names

Wives of sons

Sons of wives

The dress is torn


The flood honours extinction

Unclean, wrong


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genesismythwife and husband

all things

I believe  that all things cosmic are bloody and symbolic 

Nothing more to life than  to eat and breeding movement

Myth and the endless devil

 Remembering and passing on to sacred mixing  and ritual use

 A fifth of unity

Fall rain and long dead forms

 A world of silly limbed animals 

Burn grey open  female desert   and lush excess

Each to the other a lowly genesi...

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