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Is it possible,

To love someone you loathe,

To water a field you want to tear down,

To watch them grow as far as you can reach?


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Afraid of Society

entry picture

Born as an outsider

Live like a lone wolf


Scare of playing with others

Good chance I might humiliating myself


So I sit next to my window

Watching the world having fun without me

Dying to break out of my soul

The fear takes control of my soul


The quietest of a room

Can give me company

But it doesn’t fill

The void of loneliness I feel


I’m getti...

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entry picture



in a corner of the room

daylight pools its last ripples

and she stands alone

afraid to step onto the shadow

that creeps towards her

afraid of the sly shuffle sound

that drags itself across the floor

or the mewling voice

that whispers its fears

and fantasies

so that when she blinks

the orange light

has dimmed

and the room sh...

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