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My absent companion

My absent comrade


A fickle and inconstant friend,

of whom I rarely see enough.

It’s within you my dreams reside

but without you, I feel rough.


You’re absent when I need you most,

then sneak up on me, unexpected.

Can’t you see, you’re broken and disjointed

when I need you to be connected?


But if we weren’t to meet again

I doubt that I could I cope.

I ...

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Tick tock, tick tock, thump, thump, thump 
They marched in and took your heart, once filled with redness and vibrancy, 
They took your bright soul and purpose on this rosy spectacle sphere of land and sea 
And shred and bled until nothing remained.
But darkness, blackness and emptiness
A lifeless glance returns the favour in the mirror
Ash piles, a distinguished fire

Prison, some call it ...

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One Night I Stole a Purple Balloon


One Night I Stole a Purple Balloon

One night I stole a purple balloon

From a cheaply decorated nightclub

I was pissed out of my mind so it looked pretty

And taking it seemed a good idea.


When I tied it up at home

Like a child decorating for a birthday party

I did not expect it to be there for long: balloons

Tend to run out of air or escape when you lo...

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