Tick tock, tick tock, thump, thump, thump 
They marched in and took your heart, once filled with redness and vibrancy, 
They took your bright soul and purpose on this rosy spectacle sphere of land and sea 
And shred and bled until nothing remained.
But darkness, blackness and emptiness
A lifeless glance returns the favour in the mirror
Ash piles, a distinguished fire

Prison, some call it prison
Poison others call it poison
War of the grey larvae and what lay beneath your brittle bone cage 
Poor hostages grasped by the scarlet apple of temptation 
The naked lady in the gardens of purity enticed those who wandered 
To the acreage that offered excitement but delivered the wrong answer to such prayers
“The ploughing would still go on” he said “not everyone would be dead” he said 
How can the classification be alive when so dead inside, he lied, he lied, oh what life is mine

lifeexpectation vs realityextended metaphordeathdarkquotetruth

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Abi Thomson

Wed 14th Oct 2015 11:35

Thanks I wanted to add some depth to this poem to portray an internal war of heartache and struggle, thanks for reading and commenting :)

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