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"Himo-ang armas

Ang mga libro

Sa pakigbisog

Sa kinabuhi,"

Matud pa nimo.


Mga pagsambit,

Karon nisindi,

Sa kandila nga,

Hagbay napalong,

Hagbay nihunong.


Mga pangandoy

Nga nalumos ra

Buhi'g galangoy

Sa kadagatan,

Ngitngit og lalom.


Akong nalitok,

"Dili pa andam,

Apan sa karon,

Sila ang purtahan,

Sa laing kalibutan."



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Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #1 {What A Southern Queen Feels}

{Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #1} {What A Southern Queen Feels} 




Sometimes the

southern queen

feels pain, hurt

`n` attachments

to people that

she shouldn't

in the first 

place as she

tries to hide

all the hurt `n` 

pain away from

the surrounding

world around her 



But that's her

biggest mistake

which becomes

her downfa...

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Free write #1

Life's lost labours wilt,wither,wanting watering sprinkles. Downward spirals spin silently, serenity slithering step by step. Troubled toes stub callased skin, scraping scabbing layers of animosity and misgivings, life's unforgiveness, bleeding bluntly, replacing remnants of radial radiance with life's leftovers. A tempest's temporal trials burn, incinerate, insideous intentions. Questions g...

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