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So only the dirty, the unclean, ungodly

Will be refused favour come judgement day

They will sit in their hovels of dust a distress

And live out their lives in their dishevelled way

They will scrape in the filth for a reason to live

They will hurt, they will need, they will cry, they will pay

For their corrupt and defiled code of getting on by

Where they sin and...

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The Monster in me

Hate to be the monster they see
when they look at me through my eyes
and hate to be the daughter
that they disgrace with heart.

Because, I am nothing but a mistake,
I am as worthless as the dirt we walk on,
and I am as imperfect as anyone can be.

But, as for my sister she is like a princess
in my parents giving eyes.
She's everything that I am not.
She's there perfect little angel

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Diamonds & Oil & Love

Diamonds & Dirt

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend
But at the cost my dear, at the cost
Of never boring them, you are their
Entertainment, they are your love.

Diamonds if they could talk would tell
A causatory tale of distance and dirt
You, a perfect diamond, a pure light
In the compressed dirt of their lives.

Diamonds reflect the compression
Which is the brevity of our lives

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