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Hokey Okay

Hokey Okay - Experiences with the mental health teams 

The police bring you in, next thing you’re out,

In out in out, fucks your head about,

They do the okay okay and turn you around,

Claiming that your mindsets sound!


Woahhh you’re okay okay,

Noooo, ill chokey chokey,

Woahhh, you’re okay okay

Head hurts, alarms sound ah ah ah


Then you’re back in again, out ...

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If I believe in me,

I can be anything,

I ever want to be,

Swiftly soaring through the sky,

Flying my way that high,

Gently touching horizons unseen,

If I believe in me.


Maybe dive into waters so pure,

Laugh with dolphins,

Solve mysteries unknown,

I can feel the deepest pits,

If only I believe in me.


Forgetting all my darkest fears,

Ignoring all thos...

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Remember Me


Remember me?

Sure you do.

Lets see.


You're so tired again,

Thats when you knew I was here.

You didn't want to get out of bed today,

Haha oh dear.



I know you don't like my presence.

But I'm here for a bit,

It doesn't have to make sense.


I've been so faithful,

Don't you know?

I'm here for you when others aren't,

don't say it isn'...

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depression helpless hopeless self-destruction

How we feel

You don't know how we feel
So stop judging us and our actions
You don't know how it is to have anxiety and self-destruction
All those problems aren't fiction but 100 percent real

Shut up because life is a bitch and then you die
We don't even want to say goodbye
All the persons didn't care and hurt us even without knowing
That's why our fear towards society is growing

You tell us to sto...

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depression helpless hopeless self-destruction

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