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So only the dirty, the unclean, ungodly

Will be refused favour come judgement day

They will sit in their hovels of dust a distress

And live out their lives in their dishevelled way

They will scrape in the filth for a reason to live

They will hurt, they will need, they will cry, they will pay

For their corrupt and defiled code of getting on by

Where they sin and...

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Orchard Lane

Orchard Lane


“Don’t get caught, he’ll fuckin’ kill yer!”

Emerald green and ruby red

Jewels just out of your reach

Treasures in the strawberry bed


“He’s got a dog with vicious fangs!”

Black as coal we watch him prowl

He snarls and gnashes foaming jaws

And scares us with his hellhound growl.


“Bide yer time and take yer chances!”

Remaining hidden behind th...

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The Turning Of The Tide

The Turning Of The Tide


… and the ocean’s spoke

in a voice of wrath and anger

that sounded like dark pebbles

rolling towards the shore

in a blood red tide,

‘You have given us your detritus

and so we return yours’.

And their tone

was accusatory,

and their vengeance swift…


It started on a sunny day

with naked bodies basking

in warm August sun.



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