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After the Spin


Partied like a rock star,
and became a rolling stone--
wandering a dusty road
my mouth dry as a bone
Jose Cuervo at Lake Havesu
catch a frisbee after hitting the bong,
but nowhere to go, is this freedom?
neck strain, sleeping in the back seat,
must stretch the food stamps
so, fill up and run at a gas station
look for the next party
give plasma for a dime bag
suck the beer keg empt...

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Trash Overhead


Trash Overhead 

I live in the desert on my own little farm near the damn secret airbase where they do their testing.

My grandpa saw your nuclear tests in the 50s shook our walls and gave him cancer.

I sued the government and got $36,000 a fortune back then.

Re-vamped this old farm and met a girl who worked at the base,

her car broke down on the road and she became my w...

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Our advanced Airblade jet came down in the mountains.                                                                                      

I spent wonderful times with the woman I love.                                                                                        

Now we're separated with no way of being reunited.                                         ...

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