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Coco the Clown

Coco the clown went sailing one day 
to a holiday destination far far away

Suddenly, the sky went dark and the wind did blow
and the waves beneath his boat did grow and grow

He lost his oars as the winds blew and blew
so he paddled his way with his size 50 shoe.

Through a telescope he saw an island far away in the distance
and he made it to shore with his skill and persistence

A gr...

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Less Than Human

entry picture

Less Than Human


Crash landed on this barren planet

Twenty seven forty three

Co-pilot killed on impact

And eaten eventually

There’s no food in the food hold

Incinerated by the heat

I’m trapped here in the cockpit

With the bones of Corporal Lee


Got out through the meteor shield

By use of a sharpened shin

That I made into a passable axe

By very careful ho...

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