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I am Both

I am not the fat girl
I am not the skinny girl.

I am both.

I am both the bingeing in the night
And the starving from pure fright.

I am both

In the mirror I am both.

I am the always too thin pile of bones
And the body too big to call home.

I am both.

In the shops I am both.

I am the girl who is too curvy to wear cute clothes
And the girl who's Inability to feel sexy make...

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Choosing to stay.

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My friends’ son died! There I said it! He didn’t pass away or go home or any of the hundreds of euphemisms that people choose to use, he died, he’s gone and he is never coming back! 353 days,50 Wednesdays after the fact and all still seem so unreal. There is not a day that passes that I wake up and not think…how can this be? How could this happen to her? I cannot stand that she is experiencing t...

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