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I hope the "sleep" function is working

You have fallen asleep with the radio on.


Electromagnetic waves push inanities

into air that should at this time be only for breathing.


I lie and wait for the dull click

that will bring silence billowing down

onto your slumber and my wakefulness


knowing that the same sound, too soon

will tear me from the sleep

I should have accepted I needed

much earlier.

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The radio on your alarm switches on at 3am, 
unbeckoned.  The voice of a nighttime preacher 
speaking forgiveness onto dead waves.  It begins 
in your dreams, and only later do you realize 
his voice is not water spilling from a crack in a brick wall.  

You bring your fingers to your face, listening 
to the voice, which is not fire, telling you 
you are loved by an empty sky.  He...

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