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Crusoe's Inflatable

in acute distress is where I was

firing flares or else lighting fires

engraving SOS on the sandy beach

for want of any telegraph wires


I watched for sails on the horizon

every day I searched the skies

I kept a careful log of my every day,

alone, its amazing how time flies


I quickly got sick of coconuts

fish all began to taste the same

goats and chickens are ...

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Think Twice

Have you ever thought, if you can see beyond my grandiosity, I am trying to get a message across. I know I ramble and that, but, there is a reason for it. I just hope you all get the message before it's too late. There is something 'EarhAngel' about those who through thier experiences find themselves within the depths of suffering. I know we all suffer to an extent, but I find myself becoming d...

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