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Psychiatric Lingo

How can I explain to you,
A sunset through dead trees?
You want my symptoms 
Explained to you
In words.

If I could see red,
And you only grey,
How could I explain vibrancy?
You call it mania.
You don't understand.

You say
"Everyone gets anxious"
But I think you mean "nervous"?
I feel like
It'd be more treatable
By modern medicine,
If it happened to

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A Typical Day on the Psychiatric Ward

Wake up at eight after a fitful sleep

Stagger into the day room where a depressed woman weeps

Dressed in a nightie she shouts and bawls

While the staff are outside waiting for role call


Eating soggy cornflakes watching Jeremy Kyle

In come the cleaners in uniforms they file

Cleaning the bedrooms it's pretty hard slog

One pulls a vacuum like dragging a dog



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