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The Little Girl As Wise Crone


Very interesting article about the aphorism.


The poetry of porn website listings is one of generic precision and tawdry elaboration. 


"Teen zoo se fait brouter la fente humide." 


The collective sadness associated with certain sexual passions runs deeper than the ocean. 


I enjoy reading happy incest porn. For a moment the embarrassment and shame associated with ...

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Food Banks Are Bad

Some Advice From Edwina Currie, Former MP

Don’t give thanks
for local food banks
they encourage
the feckless
the greedy
the emotionally needy
the reckless
the addicts
the idle-by-habits
the drunkards
the hopeless
the gormless
the homeless
the wasters
the smokers
the cheaters
the faceless
the indigent
the immigrants
the lazy
the crazy
the tattooed dog owners
the debtors

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