Food Banks Are Bad

Some Advice From Edwina Currie, Former MP

Don’t give thanks
for local food banks
they encourage
the feckless
the greedy
the emotionally needy
the reckless
the addicts
the idle-by-habits
the drunkards
the hopeless
the gormless
the homeless
the wasters
the smokers
the cheaters
the faceless
the indigent
the immigrants
the lazy
the crazy
the tattooed dog owners
the debtors
the sanctioned
the punished
the poor



My personal blog, The Laughing Housewife, is all about sharing the laughter. However, Edwina Currie's recent remarks about food banks made me so angry, I had to start a new blog to say so.  If you want a rant to go along with this poem, check it out at Edwina Currie Made Me Start This Blog.

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Linda Cosgriff

Mon 20th Aug 2018 12:04

HI Big Sal. Thanks for your comment. It's rather sad that it hasn't aged, isn't it?

Big Sal

Wed 8th Aug 2018 15:42

It's been a good 4 years or so since you put this up, but it has aged well and was quite an enjoyable read. Another one from your way.?

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Wed 24th Sep 2014 20:54

wow grt linda at first i didn't got the rythem when i gone through the comments i got it for each word i created a facial expression and there i feel d wow grt yar. good concept i will also try one like this...very nice linda .......

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Chris Co

Wed 19th Feb 2014 15:10

Enjoyable poem Linda, I like the rhythm and the repetition works well. Very agreeable politics too, with a sharp point brought into focus. A few extreme right-wingers may disagree like Ian Duncan Smith, then again - they would!

As for poor or poverty - there are differing working definitions and concepts at hand. But for anyone to access a food bank, they must be referred by one of the following;

A doctor
A social worker
A health visitor
The police
Somebody from the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB).

That is to say - people can't just walk into food banks and claim. They also tend to only afford basic provisions and using a food bank, for many people will undoubtedly and sadly represent an embarrassing low point in their lives.

They are used in dire circumstances when affording food and a roof over their head is often brought into question. Zero contract hour contracts and sudden reduced hours, benefits being sanctioned, bills to pay and or a lost job - these are the things that result in being granted access to thing like;

UHT milk
Fruit juice
Pasta and pasta sauces
Tinned fruit and vegetables
Tinned meat and fish
Biscuits and snacks.

Sometimes these are given to people that literally have no money whatsoever for food. Always the issue is one of a minimum of relative poverty and pressing circumstances.


Dave Bradley knows a lot more and might be the best to speak of on this.

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 19th Feb 2014 14:49

I still seek the contemporary definition of the
word "poor" - used with such frequency in many
contexts, public and personal, that I feel there
should be some explanation - some reference - so that "we" might properly understand the use of
the word in any relevant social scenario. It is
too important a word to be subject to emotive abuse when it suits.
As it is, I am left confused, let alone ill-informed, and that can lead to what is called "compassion fatigue" when that feeling might be
unfair and unjust in various situations.
Has Parliament ever defined the word? Is it in
Hansard? As things stand, it seems liable to
misuse from whatever POV is held and that does
an injustice to language and to those who may
deserve better from life.
We should not aim to deprive the already deprived. So - enlightenment please!

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Nigel Astell

Mon 10th Feb 2014 16:12

Tattooed dog owners
heavy lifting arms
supermarket plastic bags
filling up with
tinned pet food
leaving food bank
total balance nil.

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John Coopey

Fri 7th Feb 2014 22:28

Enjoyed this, Linda.
I might have been tempted to have pulled some of the groups which rhymed near to top down the list to maintain the feel throughout.
On another front, I think Edwina was right about tattooed dog-owners.

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