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Why Can't We?


Why can't we find a place

Where no rats are in the race


Where only idle things prevail

Where, together, we could sail


Upstream from all the madness

So far from all the sadness 


Serenely would it lead

To a place where we are freed


To be as naked as at birth

Just us and Mother Earth


There, we'll dig ourselves a hole

And bury deep our sou...

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hopeLazyloverat race

Ballad of a Procrastinator

I want to do it

But I don’t do it.

I hope to do it,

I know I won’t do it.


My life of procrastination,

Is believed to be an abomination,

By those involved in my creation.

I will never get spiritual emancipation.


This life of procrastination,

Although kills the time I have,

Has enabled my imagination,

To come out of dingy cave.


I think to do it,


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is  for  drowning 


a  morning's 

morphine  riddle  of

words  and  stolen



unkempt  in 

dubious  time

and  exorcised


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