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Counting One to Ten in Irish

The Irish is in Celtic script and the English is in Old English text.






Some of my earliest and abiding memories are of the Irish accents and Irish names of pupils and teachers at school and at church.


Having learned French and Spanish on retirement, a great excuse for backpacking holidays, I gained an interest in language and in how it works.



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A Citizen Peasant Answers a Question of a Man of Graces

If ever you want to wind up an Irishman like me, dress up in full riding gear and refer to yourself and you chums as "gentry". The following poem, while not Shakespeare, retells a story from Tyrellspass in Westmeath beside me where one poor tourist made the mistake...




Can you tell me, sir, a man passing did say
To a citizen of Ireland at his gate one day
When the ...

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No Warning

No Warning



I hung up me guns;

But for you, you cunt

I’ll take ‘em down


Don’t push me

I’m at the end of my tether

I love peace, love, freedom

You love neither.


I’ll give you a bit o’ Irish

‘Cause we know how to war

You might know aggression, oppression

But we’ve whipped that before…


I hung up me guns;

But for you, you cunt

I’ll take ‘em down


Don’t push me…


I lov...

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