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No Warning

No Warning



I hung up me guns;

But for you, you cunt

I’ll take ‘em down


Don’t push me

I’m at the end of my tether

I love peace, love, freedom

You love neither.


I’ll give you a bit o’ Irish

‘Cause we know how to war

You might know aggression, oppression

But we’ve whipped that before…


I hung up me guns;

But for you, you cunt

I’ll take ‘em down


Don’t push me…


I love peace

I don’t believe in God

But if you push me

Then I shall go to war:






War against the enemy

‘Cause that’s what you are

War against the oppressor,

‘Cause I’ve been this way before.


Don’t push me, you cunt

Don’t push me!

Right, you’ve gone too far

And I won’t stop ‘till you’re done for.


NB.This one not quite me as I am using words I overheard, but the sentiment could be me. 


irishwar poetryfighting talk.

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Ann Foxglove

Fri 27th Nov 2009 13:08

Hi Beula - you have a beautiful name. I've just read your poems and I like this one best because it has a lot of power, I think because of the simplicity, repetition and rythmn. Thank you for your comment about my Eyelash poem and I fear you may be right, as my cat is black! But maybe the poems were about her anyway?

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Jeff Dawson

Thu 26th Nov 2009 19:44

hi Beulah, thanks for comment on Napoli. Just having a look at your stuff, the artist one was interesting and I think Isobel came up with a good point there.

I really like this though, love the power and anger in it great stuff, and I don't mind the word cunt in the right context! best wishes Jeff

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Wed 25th Nov 2009 21:13

tag cunt? it is a good word, yup tag cunt. It was an Irish guy having to lay down the law to someone who did start something when it was not needed. A peaceful Irish guy. anyway thanks for the comments.

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Tue 24th Nov 2009 20:47

This sounds a bit like me on a bad/good day. Love the feistiness of it. I thought I was the only one to use the word cunt in a poem - apparently it's frowned on. Perhaps we should tag it?

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