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There's a sickly sense of unease

Background anxiety in the air

Something wrong with the planet

Like a hole getting ready to tear


Science is tomorrow's igorance

We grew too big for our boots

We've dug a hole in the future, its

Too late to go back to our roots


Greenland's ice seemed a fixture

Taken for granted, always there

Now its melting, dying, dwindling


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A Cold Filthy Metropolis

From Plush Green Fields and abundant forests

To sleepy hamlets and hazy meadows

Sprouted monsters in the sky to smoke and choke

Factories of the Industrial age to dictate and invoke


Soon villages became towns, and towns became cities

Communities swallowed up, the ruling classes showing no pity

Slumlords charged extortionate rent

Working class relied on charity ...

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Industrial Revolutionwage slaveryworking class

Infirm Affectations


violent welts form on raising skin
crackled blisters spew invectives
brown curled grass pretend affection
warning label on confection

shut the door on maddening din
fettered brow pegged down with whispers
burnished brass collect intrusion
warranty voided by contusion

flush out and swab, dress and bandage
splint and cast - immobilise, recuperate
the shuffling of disciplin...

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