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Friendship and Alcohol (Remove filter)



Shoulders sore, propped up over an internally burning stomach

Raw eyes anchored to keys,

Each digital page was a blanketed field surrounded by summits.


It’s no crowned jewel, although sometimes peppered by obsidian flakes,

Numbers indicating trailheads with the promise of mountains and lakes.


Following the spine upwards, eyeing the words down

Pages were the ...

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My Best Friend

'My Best Friend'

Always there when I need him...
Anytime, day or night
Yes, always there for me
Even when I look a terrible sight

My best friend won't leave me
like many before have done
He stays close and comforts me
and makes sure I do not run

My best friend understands me
understands my pain, my needs
He tries to salve my anguish
no matter just where it leads

It's a good jo...

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Friendship and Alcohol

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