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Your quiet smile

loud in my head

listening eyes

speaking when

touch removed


sorrow returns



Frances Macaulay Forde © 2018

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First Performance

First performance


Dank, dusty, sweat-smells

in the soft blue light


Rope, sandbags,

tape-marks glow.


props on the table

in regimental order

for Act 1, 2, 3. 

            Black on white sign

            ‘Silence during Performance’. 

Soft sneakers gently press

in front of each other. 

Movements slow

- considered care. 


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A snake that wraps

its slimy body

around your

good intentions.


It has a bite

that transmits itself

into the other person.


How to ward off

it’s terrible grip?


Best to stand still

heart - bite your lip.


Best not to move

or show when you're

in its grasp,


though your eyes

are green and all



and it's...

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1968 NotebookFMFPoemsGrowing Up In Africajealousy

Tiyende Pamodzi...

entry picture

Tiyende Pamodzi...


Your 50 Zambian years means I am 50 years older.

I was at school when you became independent

but your Independence triggered my own at 14.


Not wanting to repeat a year I had just finished,

I refused and found myself a job, instead. My

idyllic childhood safe in Mother Africa's arms


meant we learnt young to be strong, resilient

finding our ow...

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FMFPoemsGrowing Up In AfricaTiyende PamodziZambiaZambian Independence


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I don’t need a Bell Curve

            showing the Probability of Distribution

nor an economist theorizing

            about the Positive Externalities

this is no pie in the sky nor castle in the air

            although this romance a novelty for me

            an invention of a future

            love is a collaborative result

            a breakthrough i...

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McDaid's Folk Club

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McDaid’s Folk Club


We carefully stepped through the seated crowd,

she smiled in surprised delight

and pulled you down

to whisper invitingly.


I watched the young guitarist finger-pick,

thought about her possessive

hand placed on

your willing arm and felt sick.



Frances Macaulay Forde © 2003

(From 'Sketching in Ireland', written during 14 inspiring mo...

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Nice to know poetry
is given such credence:
tabled with four chairs,
expected conversations,
words shared and written.

My take on coffee, sitting
on this Chrystal morning,
right next to the beach?
As waves crash foamed,
I smile at my flat white

and it's feathered froth...



Frances Macaulay Forde © 2013

Written whilst Poet in Residence for 6 months in 2013, represen...

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Counting Sleep

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Counting sleep...


I have so many Pinterest boards,

they overwhelm me...

but it’s necessary I check them

every night before sleep.

Gazing at the beautiful photos

calms me, prepares me for rest.


It’s a mystery - drives hubby mad

considering  for hours...

glittering jewels, intricate designs,

glamourous clothes.

Royal fashion icons addictively

inspire ima...

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