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Our City Of Many Bridges


In 'our land', 
which retains its leafiness, 
despite how unseasonably 
a fine few are fallen.

Just beneath fury's fierce flame;
our city's many bridges
a metaphor for so much more
defiantly stand still.

I pray today, it's not just me
who hears them screaming silently
'To join together is our fate
we will not hate, we will not hate.'


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bridgedefiantHomehope not hate.LondonLondon BridgeWestminsterWestminster Bridge


Should we pander to stereotype

having been judged for what we’re not?

or condemned, sit back contented

amused by assumption’s plot?


For to be cut loose


adrift from blinkered thought,

seems more a lease of freedom

than the wilderness they sought.


Set sail for open oceans

tack and cut and weave,

wind blown from preset notions

un-seeking of repri...

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entry picture


If you close your eyes

to the world outside,

will the fighting suddenly cease?

Will brother and sister

hold hands together

and build a new life of peace?


Does a person, born blind,

not hear the teeth grind

as disaster, from greed, is grown?

That because he can’t see,

thinks we're are all living free

and reaping the seeds we have sown?


If you block...

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