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November dropped its temperature,

The harsh winds blew uncharted,

The snowflakes fell uninvited,

You came by again unexpected. 

The same street, the same parking lot, 

A different man, a whole new you. 

And I feared that December 

Would get a lot more colder

When I let myself remember

The days that I truly, truly lived. 

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Cold December Days


Oh remember remember 

on the fith of December

when the snow fell cold 

and the man grew old 

yet a child had laughed

for the boy remained daft

and a mother weeps

all the while taking peeps 

the child lay dead 

for not ever fully fed

the snow kisses the ground

and somewhere two are bound

the air grows cold 

yet the boy is bold 

oh december 

is a month to...

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Cold December Days

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