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Telling the Truth is Now a Hate Crime

The Fascists aren’t coming to burn books in the square,

That was then, in the war, it could never happen here,

The Fascists are coming to arrest mother and me,

Because once, as a child, I dared ask a big question,

The Fascists are coming to arrest my mum,

For telling me the facts of life,

The Fascists are coming, because they’ve heard a rumour,

That I asked of my mother “w...

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Adult Human Female


E’s getten a Masters in Bullshiteree,

Peer-reviewed by pillocks who agree,

Uz t' moon’s med o’ cheese,

Uz black’s white, ‘ell’ll freeze,

Now scumbags‘r getten off scot free!


Thi honour, Q.C., D.P.P.,

Ar t’ ignorant, or incompetent, thee?

Tha cowardice crass,

Meks o’ justice an arse,

When tha durstn’t define “woman” fer me!


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Every single waking moment.
A mental strife,
Please remember.
Why can't you just do that one simple thing?
Why can't you stop?
Find peace for once,
Make it easier for everyone you say you care for.
Where am I?
What was my goal?
I feel like you remember,
I can see it in your eyes,
You know something about me that I don't.
Please, won't you tell me?
I need to know,
Why won't you tell m...

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adultpersonalrealityharsh reality

Being a parent

Jump in puddles and make a mess 

This life is to be lived at its best

Play in the sunshine and dance in the rain

Share in the joy and guide them through pain

We teach them to listen, we teach them to talk

We carry and hold them and teach them to walk

For all the manners we teach them use 

We must remember to use them too

We must stop and listen and see through their eyes


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Drawn by senses pulling underground

We fill the weekend night again,

Determined we will spill a million selves who never come of age.


We are swarming fetish butterflies,

Whose daytime chrysalises sit

Cocooned in drawstring bags and holdalls ready for the outside world.


And like giant insects, flitting Moth-men

Buzzing round bright light and scent,

We all will vani...

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