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Sunday morning time

My mind is calmed now 
Just rested today as music plays
The radio emitting nothing thoughts
chilled sounds of  instruments 
Tuned to songs and voices in melancholy talk

Creative mind can awaken now
As a rare creature from its cave
The dangers of crazed crowds
Far away from the this morning 
Sunday's best for breakfast time

6 Music BBC just beats away
A Welsh soft voice DJs to start ...

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How an Ode to Glitter Became an Elegy to Ziggy Stardust

Oh Mr. Stardust and I have a mutual love

Copolymer sheets grinded down to miniscule hexagons

Not as glamourous as crushed diamonds

But now availible in an epic array of application methods

My way to freak out in a moonage daydream

It glints and gleams with glimpses of faraway starmen

My mind does a dreamlike disco

A heady intoxication lacking propriety

Have you tasted it? I...

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