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Joe Barrett

Updated: Thu, 22 Dec 2016 01:02 pm

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I am new at poetry just started in January of 2016. I love romance passion and erotica. This new journey of mine is very new and scary for me as a 54 year old male never new i had this inside of me.


You’re a mermaid hidden in the depths of the ocean cold dark removed from all contact so not to be hurt anymore by anyone Most men are afraid to go to the depth you are no light no air just a lack of commitment All you want is for one to seek what is locked deep inside your soul. You want your heart to fell the warmth that is locked beneath you guarded self You rise to the surface occasionally lured by a suiter who appears to be interested in you only to find he was only interest in the mermaid You return even deeper within your prison of broken promises and a broken heart One man visits you and tells you how beautiful you are. You resist his words and say thank you but no. He thanks you and leaves you with have a beautiful day. Your intrigued he’s not angry? You think was he the one no you say to yourself my destiny is to be alone forever. No one can love or want me there is so much wrong with me He returns the next day good morning beautiful I so hope you have time for me? I want to know who you are not what you show everyone. You tell him maybe tomorrow hoping he will return knowing he won’t he doesn’t want to see the true you. He looks at you grabs you hand places a kiss on it then tomorrow it will be, You feel a slight warmth to his words touch and kiss is this happing to me am I dreaming have I been alone guarded to long? The next day you are waiting in anticipation then he arrives and again good morning beautiful how are you. You look down and say good thank you for your visits. He grabs your face and tells you may I see your face and eyes? You lift and break a small smile he returns the smile. May I stay and we can talk you look puzzled he ask what wrong nothing you say. The talk is long and each of you are hanging on each other’s words. He bows to you asks for your hand kisses till tomorrow again my sweet You feel warmth not only from his touch kiss but now from his voice words presence. Now you think to yourself I look forward to tomorrow not dreading to another cold lonely day he will return. Yet your thoughts turn dark and know he won’t return. This time he comes early your surprised and happy something you have not felt in a long time. Your early yes I could not wait to see you and be with such a beautiful woman and such a beautiful soul. I see your beautiful heart soul and strength you have hidden from so many for so long. You also have woken in me a warmth I thought was long forgotten. Now we hold hands and talk for ours laughing and losing ourselves in each other eyes. Without knowing their hearts and souls raise them closer to the surface with each visit. Before long their souls heart love become as one She was happy he saw her heart warmth and she now see herself as beautiful because of what he shows her every day BEHIND BLUE EYES

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