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Jon Darby

Updated: Wed, 19 Aug 2020 01:43 pm

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Began writing proper six years ago...a major life upheaval has made me re-evaluate things. Things are about to change.


Despair gave way to fresh hope Never would have thought Yet time brought us together

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Richard Hartley

Tue 29th Sep 2020 09:41

Hi Jon
Thankyou for your comment after my poem "Memorial Day In Moscow" - that's much appreciated.
Quite by chance, this poem is going to be published in the next edition of 'Poetry Plus - The Magazine' so it will reach an even wider audience.

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Sun 17th Nov 2019 10:30

Hi Jon, thanks for your comment on Crooked Café. Great to hear from you. I completely agree, friendly customer service in a one of a kind place is a rare thing in the big cities these days and it's to be treasured. I feel like we've got to support those local businesses and keep them going...

If only so we can sit there with our notepads stealing lines ?

Thanks again, T.

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keith jeffries

Tue 29th Oct 2019 09:53


Thank you for your three recent comments on my poems. They are, as always, much appreciated.



Thu 23rd May 2019 02:43

congratulations to your dad for achieving 92 years of age.
I am not there yet but it is my goal to hit 100.
after that it's all downhill!

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keith jeffries

Thu 11th Jan 2018 21:50

Hello Jon, Thank you for your comments on the two poems Enraged and Loneliness. They are much appreciated. Keith

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Tommy Carroll

Tue 28th Nov 2017 23:16

Hi Keith, Ray, Colin and Jon
Thank you all for your posts and I can advise you of my intent to write a massive thriller about containment, strangers and with no point of reference- a bit like my local- Tommy. ;- )

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keith jeffries

Tue 31st Oct 2017 10:00

Hello Jon, thank you for commenting on my latest poem ´Desire´. It is kind of you. Keith

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keith jeffries

Wed 11th Oct 2017 12:43

Jon, Your poems are rich in nostagia and carefully and thoughtfully crafted. They immediately take me back years to a world long since forgotten. Thank you indeed. Keith

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keith jeffries

Sun 8th Oct 2017 21:20

Jon, Thanking for you kind comments on my latest poem Depression. Much appreciated. Keith

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Laura Taylor

Mon 22nd May 2017 16:18

Howdy!! Aww, thank you for your note on 3.15am Jon. I am dandy ta, everything going really well (for a change!) - hope life is treating you well too! xx

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Ian Whiteley

Wed 1st Feb 2017 19:18

Many thanks for commenting on @Gave Me Up To Tears' Jon - I'm pleased you liked it - hope you are keeping well - any trips Wigan way planned?

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Thu 25th Feb 2016 16:41

Welcome back to WOL, Jon. Don't know how you happened to find 'Falling Stars' from 2009, but I greatly appreciate the comment. The really astounding thing is that one of my daughters called on Tuesday, right out of the blue, and said, almost tearfully, 'Oh, Mum, I just love 'Falling Stars'.

And then - your comment. It gave me goosebumps. You don't know her, do you? Or do you? The coincidence seems too amazing for chance.

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Emer Ni Chorra

Mon 8th Feb 2016 01:02

Thanks Jon... Bah!

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Katy Megan Hughes

Sun 17th Jan 2016 20:00

Thank you Jon! glad you liked : )

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Ian Whiteley

Mon 11th Jan 2016 15:15

aye up Jon - thanks for the comments on 'any winter Saturday...' blimey you must have some time on your hands if you're trawling back to Feb 2014 - I'd forgotten writing that one.

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Wed 10th Sep 2014 20:06

Hello you! You read my poem well - though perhaps it helped seeing me perform it :)

Restrained - that's me - I'm incapable of gushing publicly - but you should see me in private ;;)))xxxx

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Graham Sherwood

Sun 7th Sep 2014 12:24

Hello Jon,

Welcome to Write Out Loud, we hope you are enjoying the site and we're really looking forward to reading some of your work. I know that you will be warmly welcomed by other WOL-ers too.

It would be great if you could upload a picture of yourself, it’s really good to see what our fellow poets look like.

Have a good look around, there’s always lots going on and if you have the time to make some comments about the work of other poets please feel free to do so, it’s often the best way to get some constructive feedback about your own work too.
There’s usually somebody who’ll help you out with any problems that you might encounter, so just ask and someone will get back to you.
WOL is a friendly, creative and unassuming place, so welcome from all of us once again.

Graham & the Write Out Loud Team.

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