I started writing from a very young age and have achieved numerous awards and recognition for different pieces of work. I have always been passionate about poetry and the feelings that come with it. I see poetry as a form of therapy, as it helps me to express my feelings through words. I do not follow any strict rules or structures when I write and you will see how I write freely and straight from the heart. I love to play with words and although it can take time to come up with a unique piece, the final outcome is always a positive one. As you read through my poems, you will notice how I love to get my voice across. They say I am the ‘voice for the voiceless,’ which is true, as I enjoy writing on topics and issues that are currently circulating in the world. I also enjoy motivating and inspiring others through my poems, as it gives my audience a glimpse of hope and encouragement to strive and live life to the fullest. My poems are a source of energy and they will surely uplift your energy and mood! Similar to my life, I do not like to make my poems complicated, so you may notice whilst reading through them that I do not use a lot of ‘fancy’ or ‘hard to pronounce’ words. I like simplicity, as I feel my audience should be able to enjoy reading, without having to look up words that they may not understand. That is why they call me ‘a unique poetess,’ as there is only one of me! This process can be challenging at times, but the best way to go by is to get different people to proof-read the poems to see if they are able to make sense of it and whether they understand the motive behind it. I am born in London and had my writing published in books and newspapers from the age of 13. I have always been awarded first prize for any piece of writing submitted in competitions. I recently had my poem selected for a digital exhibition as part of a project in Hackney called ‘Hope and Her Two Daughters.’ Many of my poems have been published in anthologies and some of these are available at the British Library and further libraries across the UK and Republic of Ireland. Along with a passion for writing, I have a First Class (Honours) Degree in Business Management. I have always been a top student throughout my academic life and received many awards for my dedication. When I am not writing, I enjoy spending time with my son, going out with friends, working out, dancing and enjoying life to the fullest. I also help the needy by making regular donations to charities and local businesses. Apart from writing, I am currently freelancing in market research and I am a fashion model, where I generate brand awareness through advertisements on social media. Feel free to contact me via email on You can also follow me on Twitter @aishasuleman007 and Instagram @model_aisha123 Here is a short video made by Young Writers for me:


When life puts her down And she has a huge frown She does not run and hide She buries her feelings inside. Her heart feels heavy It feels like a Chevy The world seems dark Like the belly of a shark. These awful mind games Are shooting her down in flames Without a shadow of doubt She really needs to get out! Stop thinking about the past Because tomorrow is coming fast Her voice was low in pain She was treated like a dog on a chain. How can one be evil? Harming others like a little weevil They forget tomorrow will come And shock them with sour and glum. Her soul tells her to fight Because she is very bright What is there to fear? When God is always near. She looks up at the blue sky So beautiful and high As each day goes by She sees the light shining in her eye. Why shall she be sad? She cannot separate the good from bad There is a beautiful life ahead That is strung together on a thread. She wants to be happy With her cute little chappie Cradling him in her arms Because he is one of her luck charms. She does not want to waste time The road is a long hard climb Before she reaches tomorrow Leaving behind the bag full of sorrow!

Mind Matters

Life is a challenge Full of average gallons Each day can be difficult to pass by With a positive and indifferent eye! Stress flinches as soon as I wake up Even before embracing miracle like a cup Often in thought, my mind goes up and down Never a smile, just a dreadful frown! Each minute, I feel a solid burden Since life is tough and uncertain It feels like a billion souls weighed upon me Even though one day, I will firmly break free! There is no end to any issue or frustration Ever since my mind feels such temptation Life is filled with lies, pains and sorrows But out of the upheaval, comes hardiness for tomorrow!

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keith jeffries

Tue 6th Jul 2021 23:08

Thank you for reading and appreciating some of my poems. I find such interest in my work to be very encouraging.
Thank you



Tue 29th Dec 2020 11:33

Hi Aisha and thanks for commenting on the Rusting Barge.

It gave me an opportunity of visiting your site and I enjoyed the sincerity detailed in your work.

I hope we will be seeing much more from your electronic pen.



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