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Ghazala lari

Updated: Wed, 6 Dec 2023 08:14 am

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Peace be upon all, I'm Ghazala lari from lucknow, India. I'm Post Graduate in Geography, Business Administration and Information Technology. I've worked as a Assistant Lecturer and a Geography Teacher. I'm here to share my poems, stories, articles and write ups. About Ghazala: Ghazala Lari is a true warrior who has overcome numerous struggles in her life and has emerged as a stronger and better version of herself. She believes that every challenge and hardship she has faced has taught her valuable lessons that have contributed to her holistic development and growth. As a highly motivated and visionary individual, she is always hopeful and happy in life, which inspires others to see the positive side of things. Ghazala is not only a warrior for herself, but also for those who are weak and needy. She uses her own experiences to help and build others, encouraging them to be their best versions. Her kind and caring nature make her a friend to all, and she never expects anything in return. Ghazala Lari is a true inspiration who embodies strength, resilience, and compassion, making her an invaluable asset to those around her. .....................~~~~~~~~~~~~....................... Her Hobbies: writing, travelling, photography, calligraphy to name a few. I hope to explore a whole new world of wonderful thoughts and experiences here.

New Beginnings

I am eager to share the lessons I have learned from life with my wol family. Throughout the years, I have come to understand that life is constantly changing, unlike death which remains stagnant. Embracing these changes is essential for a fulfilling life. I have realized the significance of my own existence and no longer concern myself with negativity or the opinions of others. Everyone has their own perspective to deal with, just as I have mine. There is so much to be grateful for, and every blessing is invaluable. Each day feels like a dream come true, especially when I have the support of Allah. I trust that he will take care of everything. Life is a journey of change, and new people will come into our lives as blessings. Eventually, they may move on to different times, places, and people. I am excited for the new chapter in my life, as the groundwork has already been laid and unnecessary things have been removed. The platter is now empty, ready to be filled with an abundance of new blessings. I find challenges in life thrilling, and breaking the ice is an awesome experience. I am fully prepared and ready for all the new events that lie ahead. I am the best version of myself, with room for improvement to welcome future blessings. Today, I am opening the new page of my new life. Love you Zindagi!!!!!💖


There're many chapters in my life's book Some are good, some are bad and many miraculous If I sit to share those chapters one by one It'll take a life time narrating all that happened To many it may sound unbelievable and untrue But those who've themselves faced storms in life Will definitely take these chapters of my life as nothing but the truth. It's a blessing to write poems In poetry much can be expressed In just few words, poignant and strong That is what I am looking forward to Vocal chords needn't do much exercise When the mighty poet's pen can do it otherwise Revised: There're many chapters in my life's book, Some are good, some are bad, and many miraculous. If I sit to share those chapters one by one, It'll take a lifetime narrating all that happened. To many, it may sound unbelievable and untrue, But those who've faced storms in life themselves, Will surely take these chapters as nothing but the truth. It's a blessing to write poems, to express, In poetry, much can be said in just a few words, Poignant and strong, that's what I'm looking forward to. Vocal chords needn't exercise much, When the mighty poet's pen can do it otherwise. Each chapter tells a tale of joy and sorrow, Of love found and love lost, of dreams and fears, In every twist and turn, a lesson to be learned, And in every setback, the strength to persevere. There are chapters of laughter and chapters of tears, Of friendships formed and friendships betrayed, Each page marked with the footprints of time, The trials and triumphs that shaped my days. Sometimes the chapters are soaked in darkness, With shadows that threaten to consume, But within those depths, a flicker of hope, A reminder that even in despair, there's room. Other chapters shine with a radiant light, Filled with moments that take my breath away, Where love blossoms like flowers in spring, And dreams soar high on wings of may. And then there are the chapters that astound, The miracles that defy reason and doubt, When fate weaves its magic in wondrous ways, Leaving me in awe, unable to figure it out. So, as I pen these words, these chapters of my life, I'm grateful for the tapestry they create, For even the darkest chapters hold a glimmer of hope, And the brightest ones, a reminder to appreciate. For there are many chapters in my life's book, Some are good, some are bad, and many miraculous, And through it all, I'll continue to write, With a pen that dances, telling stories so fantastic.

Last chapter first

I'm healed by Allah almighty, Recovered from my brokenness. That was a gift for my loyalties, Now I'm stronger, much braver. But not to serve other's purpose, Rather God's purpose on earth. Allah knows what's best for us, Things that don't serve any purpose. Become hindrances and obstacles, A clear sign from almighty, To move ahead, changing track, Right people shall we find. For the right purpose, right on time, Never look back to those jokers, Whose only act was to laugh at others, But what difference would it make to them? For a scorpion was made to spit poison, You can't change the basic nature of a person. By your acts of kindness and forgiveness, A scorpion and snake have venom. You can't fill them with divine potions, They serve the purpose of Almighty. So stop trying to seek good from such people, Moving on in life with grace, cheerfulness, and joy. Towards the divine light that's guiding my path always, I'm healed, happy, and full of light. I thank my Allah for blessing me with so many tests, He has made me well to serve His divine purpose. Now He's aligning the right battalion for me, Like a spiritual slave of God and His obedient leader. I shall go ahead healing the world with His words, As He gently holds my hand as I try walking again. Blessing me with power and much divine strength, I'm healed, and that's how I really feel.

Seerat e mustaqeem

In the realm of life's winding, mysterious maze, I've found my way, unveiled by yesterday's haze, And in this present hour, it still holds sway, Guiding me steadfastly, come what may. This path I tread, hand in hand with the Divine, For my Almighty knows it better than this heart of mine, Beyond hills and valleys, where dreams intertwine, Through meandering streams, where hope will align. Even in dungeons and caves, where shadows reside, My Lord illuminates, with His love as my guide, He chooses companions, who walk by my side, On this sacred journey, where souls are allied. The way ahead appears straight and serene, Obstacles diminished, no hindrance unseen, Yet a few tests await, to test my faith keen, With God's assistance, I'll conquer, serene. Will you be here, or will you be there, Will they be here, or vanish into thin air? For none shall remain permanently, aware, But I pray for an eternal partner to share. Oh Allah, be with me, forever and all days, Guide me through life's labyrinthine pathways, For this journey demands strength and steady pace, With You by my side, I'll triumph, always. This path, not easily forged, requires divine embrace, But with Your guidance, I'll navigate with grace, In this medium-sized sonnet, I humbly seek Your face, To be my eternal partner, and never leave my space. ........................... I've found my way It was here yesterday Its here today And tomorrow its there Its the path I'm treading Holding hands of my Almighty For he sure knows my way Better than I can know it anyway Beyond the hills and valleys Through the meandering streams Walking down the dungeons and the caves And many more places to see and cross Allah knows best whom he should send As a partner on my solemn journey Living a life of obedience and purity Fulfilling commands of The only Almighty The way is straight and easy No obstacles and hindrances I see Only a few tests lie ahead of me That for sure God will help me pass freely Will you be here or there Will they be here or there No one will continue permanently Still I ask thee God to send a partner eternal Allah please be with me always Keep guiding me through life's journey Its not an easy way to make Unless I have you with me always

I am affirmations

I'm the power I'm the strength I'm the might I'm the hero I'm the knight I'm the light I'm the soul I'm the body I'm the mind I'm the wind I'm the storm I'm the calm I'm the star I'm the sun I'm the moon I'm the life I'm the death I'm the afterlife I'm the friend I'm the lover I'm the soulmate I'm the dear one I'm the chosen servant I'm the loyal one I'm the brightness I'm the glamor I'm the dream I'm the miracle I'm the magic I'm the beam I'm the success I'm the valiant I'm the fragile I'm the mercy I'm the compassion I'm the healing I'm everything I think I'm every one I'm becoming I'm in love with my feelings


Bless me with love, a divine embrace, A gentle touch that fills my soul with grace. May it flow like rivers, deep and wide, Guiding me through life's tumultuous tide. Bless me with noor, a radiant light, Illuminating my path, banishing the night. May it shine within, a beacon so bright, Guiding me towards truth with all its might. Bless me with everything that I may need, A life abundant, fulfilled indeed. May blessings rain down, like drops of rain, Nourishing my spirit, relieving every pain. Bless me with goodness, a heart so pure, In thoughts and actions, may I endure. May kindness be my compass, showing the way, Spreading goodness and light with each passing day. Bless me with mercy, a forgiving heart, To overlook faults, to give a fresh start. May compassion guide me, in all that I do, To heal the wounds of others, to help them through. Bless me with all that's halal and pure, To choose what's right, to always endure. May my actions reflect the values I hold, And lead me towards success, untold. Bless me with perfection, though I'm flawed, In every endeavor, let me applaud. May I strive for excellence, with every breath, And bring joy to others, in life and in death. Bless me with mercy and compassion, too, To understand, to empathize, to soothe. May I be a source of comfort and care, To uplift those burdened, to be there. Bless me with abundance, in all that's good, A life of blessings, as it always should. May my character and mindset align, To attract success, and a life so divine. Bless me with soulmates, both friend and lover, Connections deep, like no other. May they bring joy and support my quest, To share life's journey, feeling truly blessed. Let your blessings flow, from heaven above, Filling my life with boundless love. In this earthly realm where I am placed, May blessings surround me, in every space. ................................................ Bless me with love Bless me with noor Bless me with everything Bless me with goodness Bless me with mercy Bless me everything that's halal Bless me perfection Bless me mercy and compassion Bless me things that attracts satisfaction Bless me lots of everything good Bless my character and mindset Bless me with soulmates as friends and lover Let the blessings flow From heaven above To where I'm placed on earth


I'm a relentless seeker of truth I drank words from many books Experiences of wise sages too And then analyzed it all for good I'm a seeker of love and friendship I gave my all to receive the same The deserving one stays never to leave Only awaiting Allah's permission to leave I'm a seeker of loyalty and honesty Without these there's no relations to keep So I invest mine in every heart I meet And received the same from a dear one gently I'm a seeker of knowledge and enlightenment Though I don't sit under a tree to set my mind free Little conversations with God over prayer mat is enough for me As all good comes from Allah and he gives me freely I'm a seeker of birds like me Who are fearful of God almighty And pray to Him for everything they need With such I enjoy life in peace and harmony I'm a seeker of purity and truth Which I have found in abundance Amongst innocent children and many like them And have prayed yo receive the same for me I'm the seeker of true relationships Superficial ones don't attract me at all Deeper connections and bond are unbreakable So I try building these and keep those who are helping me build it I'm a seeker and will always be one Something or the other attracts me often So I search for these regularly And attain them through my Rabb's mercy

My only hero

In a world where heroes are sought and praised, I stand firm, my heart unswayed and unfazed. For no mortal soul possesses the might, To alter my destiny, shape it aright. No strength can compare to Allah's pure grace, The power He wields, none can ever replace. He, my Rabb, is enough, my hero true, Changing my path, making all things anew. No human hero can lend me a hand, When Allah alone can help me withstand. Weak and powerless, we all truly are, Dependent on Him, beneath every star. My hero, my savior, my redeemer, In Him I find solace, love without measure. He cares for me more than any being, His blessings upon me, ever freeing. Why hold a frail hand, when I have the One, Whose love and strength can never be undone? In life, death, and after, He's by my side, To Him, my heart and soul shall forever confide. No need for further words, my dear friend, For in this sonnet, my beliefs transcend. Allah, my hero, in whom I find peace, My eternal guide, my love, never to cease.

About the poet

Ghazala Lari was born in one of the most beautiful city in India, Lucknow. It’s the capital of the Northern state of India, Uttar Pradesh. She was born on 29th June. Her family is one of the most renowned and affluent family of Lucknow. Presently she is living with her parents in her parental home at Lucknow. She is Post Graduate in Geography, Business administration and Information Technology. She has also attained a bachelor’s degree in Education. She is fond of reading, writing, painting, sketching, photography, calligraphy and various art forms. She is a high school teacher, teaching Geography and English. She has also taught undergraduate and post graduate students in various institutes. She is extremely dedicated as an educator and has a vision that keeps her motivated in her journey of teaching and learning. She believes in having a healthy body, mind & soul. In order to attain her physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing she does yoga, meditation, walking, exercising, together with prayers, worship of Almighty Allah (God) she keeps to healthy eating. According to her, the holistic development of a person is pertinent to the overall growth of a person. To achieve her fullest potential she devotes and invests much of her time in doing what is required. As a poet, her journey in writing began in the early twenties. It was then she realised her inner ability to express her views and feelings in the form of poems. Poems gave her wings to fly. She has written on political & social issues, spiritual & environmental poems, nature, family, education etc. Some of her poems reflects her own struggles as a woman in a man’s world. She has exquisitely articulated her own emotional and physical strife in many of her poems. She is a strong believer in Allah (God) which can be seen in the resilient faith and trust that has been mystically conveyed in most of her celestial poems. As a person, she is a humble devotee of The Almighty Allah (God). Her spiritual bent of mind can be seen is her approach and manners. Her religious acceptance of people of different faith and love for humanity are an echo of the teachings of Islam. She is courteous, polite and considers in compassionate treatment with equity for all the creatures of Allah (God). She is certain that all the blessings are from Allah (God) alone. Hence, she demonstrates gratitude and thankfulness to The Almighty for her achievements and abilities. Synopsis of the poems Ghazala’s poems can be broadly categorized into Metaphysical and Physical. In almost all the metaphysical poetries one can sense the divine presence and mystical resonance. She has graciously interwoven her gratitude either in the form of admiration or supplication to Almighty Allah (God). Her poems are a profound reflection of her Islamic philosophy and oneness of God. Her belief in the Almighty and the unwavering trust can be felt in all her mystical verses. Celestial perception is exquisitely interlaced within the filaments of individual contentment in the mortal world. As far as the poems of physical world are concerned, her observations are similarly accurate and precise. She has enunciated numerous social prejudice, social doctrines and unacceptable treatment of weaker sections of society in a most affable and firm manner. One can only admire her cognizance through her verses and appreciate her thoughts which are packed with awakening and reformation. Ghazala’s philosophy of life is unpretentious, she believes in Justice and peace for all. She considers none supreme other than the mighty creator. Her deep rooted philosophy resonates in almost all her poems.

Quotes by Ghazala lari

1. My wounds and scars are my trophies that shines glorifying my patience and victory. 2. Don't look for me in my past for I live in my optimistic world. 3. I'm not the scars that you see rather I'm the healing that healed me. 4. Why do you wish to define me according to what you perceive when you wear spectacles that don't fit you perfectly. 5. Wisdom is the jewel that beautifies a pure heart. 6. Deaf, dumb and blind soul follows its own crippled guidance. 7. Knowledge is the light that shines upon the path of an enlightened soul. 8. Half of knowledge lies in accepting the fact that you don't know certain things and then making efforts to attain that knowledge. 9. More than forgiveness, it's forgetting the cruel words of your haters that keeps you happily going on in life. 10. I'm not what you think me to be. I'm what I think I am. 11. Intelligent people make no efforts to prove their intelligence to others because others opinion makes no difference to their intelligence.

Quotes by Ghazala Lari

Quotes on knowledge: 1. Knowledge that doesn't connect you to your creator is not knowledge but deception. 2. If the education system fails to give you right direction and the knowledge of your creator then such a system should be changed. 3. Education that gives you the true purpose of life is the best education. 4. Supreme knowledge is knowing your creator and purpose of life. 5. Even after attaining the world-class education you're unable to attain the closeness of God then you've achieved nothing but degrees and certificates. 6. The only purpose of education should be to educate the child about the true purpose of life and right knowledge of our one true God almighty. 7. Knowledge that doesn't connect you to your creator is nothing but ignorance and darkness. 8. You'll never be able to attain the light of knowledge untill you strive hard to know the truth about life and our creator. 9. Ignorance is darkness and darkness leads you to hellfire. 10. The path of knowledge is easy for those who are seeking true essence and purpose of life. 11. Ignorance is nothing but death of our soul. 12. We corrupt our heart, mind and soul by following corrupt practices and wrong knowledge. 13. Educating our children about science and religion should be the aim of education. 14. Science only explores the facts of nature and puts it into words. Religion helps us to use the knowledge of scientific facts to understand the power of our creator. 15. Knowledge is light and ignorance is darkness therefore always choose the light to destroy the darkness of ignorance. 16. Our pursuits of life should be in accordance with the divine pursuits. By: Ghazala Lari

Contemplation vs. overthinking

Contemplation vs. Overthinking Overthinking is a restless mind occupied with looking for answers to end it's restlessness. While contemplation is predominantly a silent mind, holding onto a single question inorder to find reasonably and logically correct answers. The distinction between the two, is that contemplation tends to have a calming effect on the mind. While overthinking tends to have an exhausting effect on mind.

Quotes by Ghazala Lari

Quotes by Ghazala lari: 1. Courage lies at the end of the tunnel of fear. 2. Darkness isn't outside, it's within our heart, soul and mind. Haven't you seen many a blind who shine brilliance. 3. Evil has no power to destroy others, it only destroys it's supporter. 4. Never leave a person who is always by your side whether in darkness or during the struggles of life. 5. Never stay with a person who gives you nothing but materialistic things and takes away your speech, your thoughts, your liberty to be yourself. 6. Relationships die a hundred deaths and finally succumb at the final blow of extreme emotional harrasment. 7. Don't expect good from someone who has nothing but extreme poverty of goodness within. 8. You can trigger a person emotionally as long as they are emotionally connected with you. Beyond that it's futile. 9. A person who gaslights others is either a malignant person or wrong parenting led them to such survival mechanism. 10. Love is beautiful as long as you feel it's beautiful. 11. If you feel like a burden on someone then it's actually what you're unconsciously delivering to that person.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Bindu Trigunayak

Fri 23rd Feb 2024 10:16

Thanks, maám...I am doing fine...Hope for the same🌷💖

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keith jeffries

Fri 19th Jan 2024 10:19

Thank you for appreciating my remarks on the wearing of the hijab. As you know I am a person of Faith and firmly believe that God's law is above any law passed by a temporal power. God must always be our first consideration. His laws are just. The hijab in an important aspect of your Faith and I wholly respect those ladies who dress according to the will of Allah. Please continue to write your poetry as it is much appreciated. Inshallah.

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keith jeffries

Thu 17th Nov 2022 10:06

Once again I would like to thank you for your recent comments on my poems. We are evidently people of faith and see the world through our belief in the Almighty. May you be richly blessed in your life and work. Your poetry also gives me a great deal to think about.
Bless you and thank you

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John Botterill

Mon 31st Jan 2022 10:54

You are very welcome Ghazala. 'Feelings' is a very fine poem 😊

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keith jeffries

Fri 14th Jan 2022 14:07


Thank you for your personal comment. I have noticed for some time that you are a person of Faith which I also share with you. I am a Christian and through life's experience and more importantly prayer, I have the blessing of a personal relationship with the Divine. It is this which influences my life and gives me hope and understanding. Your poetry often mirrors my own thoughts. Thank you again,


Tue 29th Jun 2021 03:06

"when you follow the crowd"....
who is that quote by?

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Your Royal Poetess

Wed 2nd Jun 2021 18:24

Thank you for your comment on my poem ?

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Bindu Trigunayak

Thu 13th May 2021 18:50

Eid Mubarak ❤❤❤mam
May Almighty listens to every prayer and heal everything...


Mon 10th May 2021 03:53


Smiley Face


<Deleted User> (23732)

Sun 15th Nov 2020 07:11

Thank you so much for your feedback and your kind words on my poem My Majesty. Really appreciated!

Nicola Beckett

Sun 8th Nov 2020 12:43

Thank you for your lovely comments on my profile xx

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Wed 4th Nov 2020 19:35

Hi Ghazala, thanks for your lovely supportive and encouraging comments on The Lighthouse Keeper's Song. I appreciate it. Tom.


Wed 4th Nov 2020 12:33

You have an incredibly interesting CV - I miss not having travelled to India in earlier times when following a maritime occupation, although I have seen much of the world both from a ship and later via the air.

Some say Kipling isn't as welcome in India as in my own country but he helped shape my imagination and pathways into writing poetry nevertheless.

If the OHM you refer to is the vibrational level of meditation practiced by Theosophists (Blavatski) and other thinkers - that is something I try getting my kids to engage upon during stressful times.

Thank you for visiting WOL like you do, and for being the breath of fresh air that indeed you are.



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