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Chris Bunton

Updated: Tue, 24 Mar 2020 05:51 pm

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I'm a watchman, rattling cages. I want to help people to over come addiction and the criminal lifestyle. I'm a writer and a poet. An activist, and social commentator. I'm about personal freedom. I love travel as a means of healing, I love alternative health, fitness, hiking, environment, history, humor, spiritual things, survival, and conspiracy theories.

In Your Face

In Your Face I will put it in your face, as long as it’s in mine. Is slavery in your face? They’ve all been set free. Is child labor in your face? They’re all in school. Are the house wives, in your face? They’re all dropping votes. As long as injustice reigns; As long as death fills our veins As long as the Leaders lie As long as our planet dies. I will be in your fat face, because it’s all in mine.

The Monsters Come

The Monsters Come Every morn, the monsters come. They come to attack my day. Every morn it’s the same, and every day, they strive away. The skeletons from closets scream, while vampires claw from crypts. They draw and draw until I am spent. Every day they come. The Monsters come. Ghosts of words unsaid, and desires of demons ripping. Wraiths of past things done; chasing my peace away. Giants stomping out hopes and dreams; while spewing fear, doubt and shame. The Worm digs and burns through; everything. They destroy the day. The darkness hangs like a cloud. It smothers my hopes today. I need coffee, and some light, to stand tall, and live loud. Let’s drive the monsters away.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Chris Bunton

Tue 14th Jul 2020 05:15

Thank you!

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Paul Sayer

Mon 13th Jul 2020 18:32

Never stop banging On!

I have read your bio and you had me at the first line.

Now I off to catch up on what you've written and I have missed.

Oh! and by the way



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