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An English Hamlet

An English Hamlet


Two weeks every summer as a boy I was taken there,

to a corner of England under a summer's sky.

A row of cottages on one side of a lane,

tucked away for few to see.

A nearby hump backed bridge and a pub.

beside a canal with locks and barges,

as they passed along with their trade.

A countryside which only England can boast of,

with farms, dells, copses and meandering streams.

As night arrived the darkness and silence came also

as serenity was poured over those who slept.

No sounds save an owl or a badger scampering by,

could disturb such a tranquil landscape.

It was a world of its own,

neatly wrapped in a parcel of nature.

It lay in the heart of England, the home of the Bard,

with the forest of Avon but  a few miles distant.

This was where I always wanted to be,

with rabbits, squirrels and old men

sippng their pints of ale.

These few acres brought me to be the person I am today,

someone who seeks for peace and time simply to be.

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keith jeffries

Mon 24th Jun 2024 19:37

Thank you to all who liked and commented on this poem. It was borne out of a strong sense of nostalgia for my childhood days in Warwickshire. Graham, I left England as it is not the country I remember from those halcyon days. It has changed out of all recognition. MC you are right about being of a certain lifespan. I am fast approaching 77 years. The hamlet I remember was in the 1950's. I have since revisited it and left feeling rather sad. I don't cope well with changes.
Thank you all again,

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Mon 24th Jun 2024 16:56

Beautifully said Keith, I very much enjoyed.

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 24th Jun 2024 16:34

Charming - and somehow rather poignant for anyone of a certain
lifespan in this old country.

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Martin Elder

Mon 24th Jun 2024 10:31

reading this line by line I was following you round the hamlet. Wonderful stuff.
Thanks for this Keith

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Tim Higbee

Sun 23rd Jun 2024 23:43

You've painted quite a beautiful picture here Keith. The sense of both adventure and tranquility takes me back to my own youth on the farm exploring the streams and woods. Thanks for kicking the dust off some old memories.

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Sun 23rd Jun 2024 18:26

Really lovely, Keith. Wonderful imagery and word flow. I felt transported out of my rather intense (suburban evolving to more urban) environment here in California.

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Graham Sherwood

Sun 23rd Jun 2024 16:36

Hard to think you’d ever leave it Keith! Your old stomping grounds in Northamptonshire have a few like this. Perfect on a sunny Sunday here. Thank you G

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