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Very pleased to say that our collaborative piece in praise of Winter Hill (Lancs), A Year on the Hill, has been accepted for showing at Bolton International Film Festival in October. words: Dave Morgan music: Kevin Bates readings: Dave Morgan. Stella Blackburn recording : John Maycraft (Sound Cafe Studio) animation: Rachel Appleton

From: A Year on the Hill - Summer, Autumn

Summer Cotton grass and ferns hide skeletal walls, disused workings, Cover farm foundations, abandoned pit shafts, quarried stone, Disguise the criss-cross of ditches and drains. Do not be misled. Do not attempt the shortest route from A to B. Do not be seduced by the panorama. Do not think this fine day will be kind to the unprepared. Observe a silence Listen for the muted complaints of carter’s horses Humming in the stones, Or the songs of tipsy miners from long abandoned homes. Beware warm wind, beware the dry spell. Once is just enough and just too much. One careless spark, one fag-end Incinerates the living, scorches the canvas. Destroys the balance. Autumn An Autumn day with lengthening shadow Diffused sunbeams that wash not sear’ Days shortening. It’s not New England But Old English Rivington dazzles With reds and golds. Ancient woodland long gone, A necklace of new timber On lower slopes Frames a harvest moon. Farmers prepare to bring their beasts down Hay stacked high in ancient barns. Against a venal sunset The Pigeon Tower and Pike stand proud ‘We will be noticed’.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Ian Whiteley

Tue 3rd Apr 2018 23:27

thanks for your kind comments on 'memory of rhinoceroses' Dave - I'm please you liked it

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Jeff Dawson

Sat 26th Nov 2016 07:53

Thanx for comment on Bolton Calling Dave, Im pleased with it now to put in print after a bit of juggling and enjoying performing it live as you know! cheers

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Greg Freeman

Fri 14th Aug 2015 16:12

Thanks for your comments on the Dylan Thomas piece, Dave. I had the crazy idea while down in Wales that those of a certain mind might have to move to Wales or Scotland in the future, and leave England to the little Englanders. Of course, the north would have to secede as well.

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Laura Taylor

Sun 8th Jun 2014 13:18

Cheers for your note on me review Dave :)

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Gus Jonsson

Fri 24th Feb 2012 21:11

Thanks Dave as always

Long time no Guinness, hope you are well.

Hope to see you soon.


<Deleted User> (9186)

Sun 3rd Apr 2011 20:45

Nice to meet too Dave. Let me know if your going to any open mics or whatever not to far from Macc. and I'll come along if possible. Got home in good time last night but am still recovering from the ravages of my weekend poetic retreat. Keep up all you good works and take care - Dave

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Sun 19th Dec 2010 05:30

Thanks David for your comment on my poem 'Song of the Sunflower.' Your feedback is much appreciated. I shall move that poem to the blog area and put up another 'sampler' in its stead. Will be reading you again soon. Cheers, Frederick

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Stephen Pass

Thu 12th Aug 2010 10:26

Hi Dave, It was nice to chat to you the other night in Wigan and cheers for your good advice. Just read your poems above, poor old Derek, what a way to go! I really like 'Choker', I know what your mate means about graveyards, they are very powerful places. Hope to see you about soon, cheers Stevex

<Deleted User> (6344)

Thu 4th Feb 2010 23:44

hi dave. I definitely haven't retired yet! Unfortunately i haven't been able to make it to dgps recently for various reasons including moving house. I'm actually now living just round the corner from the everyman, so i have no excuse to miss it. I will definitely be there soon. Hopefully see you there.

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Paul F Blackburn

Tue 5th Jan 2010 15:40

Ta for being my 6,000th visitor and your generous comment - truly thou art a sage and onion!

<Deleted User> (5593)

Tue 22nd Dec 2009 20:51

Thanks for your thoughtful comments on my poems. I'm sure the mayor will love my peon to Bolton. And I was as surprised as you to find Dermot and his Mrs in the attic.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sun 20th Dec 2009 13:03

Methinks thou dost protest too much. Any poem with an intentional 'kick' is surely ironic (I would have thought, 'kicking' being its very essence). Moralizing is not always a bad thing. You are too good to be under-rating yourself. Who are you trying to impress - or dis-impress? (Ha! New word of the week.)

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Thu 13th Aug 2009 18:41

x hope to see you tonight ,

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winston plowes

Mon 3rd Aug 2009 10:03

hi dave, Thanks for your comments on rats / fish / barrels / poetry etc. Maybe this was left in the barrel when all the shooting was over! Inany case I think its ok but you are right, it is easy to write this type of thing and maybe thingsof greater worth only come with greater effort. See you about. P.S. I still love you too.

Profile image

Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sun 19th Jul 2009 14:18

Hi, Dave
Regarding our particular 'moon' poems; not cleverer at all ... just different.

<Deleted User> (6260)

Thu 16th Jul 2009 17:24

Hi Dave

Thanks for your comments, it's always good to have some constructive criticism. Reading through some of your stuff I like the way that you set the scene. Good stuff ma man!

Answering your question about who inspires me?... I share a house with Mia Darlone! enough said! ha ha

Profile image

Jeff Dawson

Sun 12th Jul 2009 19:35

Hi Dave, I wondered if you would see my reference to Stoke - the city formerly known as the Potteries! Ha, thanks anyway, see you friday, will put you down for an open mic, cheers

Profile image

Jeff Dawson

Sat 4th Jul 2009 18:10

Hi Dave, cheers, not sure Harvey Goldsmith has much to worry about yet! Thats convenient about the Crescent, have put you on the list, spread the word lets get a few in, cheers Jeff

Profile image

John Togher

Sat 27th Jun 2009 18:40

Submissions still being accepted for MV.

Profile image

Jeff Dawson

Mon 25th Aug 2008 14:24

Hi Dave

Good to see you last night, thanks for what you said about my "Singing lound and proud' poem, I assume you've seen it but if not its my last blog on here. I thought best to keep neutral then any footy fan like yourself can feel the emotion and experience of the good old days!

cheers Jeff, ps Hope the Potters along with the Trotters of course stay up, a poem in there I think!

<Deleted User> (5163)

Mon 18th Aug 2008 12:20

Hi Dave,

Thank you so much for your comments and encouragement :) Just thought I had to say it



Profile image

Paul F Blackburn

Mon 18th Aug 2008 10:04

He's Rock and he's Roll
Got Be-bop, got Soul
He's a Chef
And he's cooking words
Dead-beat Dave Morgan!

Using "dead" meaning "really" as in "dead good"

<Deleted User> (5164)

Thu 10th Jul 2008 22:28

hiya Dave
i love the way your poetry is so describable,
i can see in my mind what you are writing,
like reading a lovely story from a enjoyable book

i hope that makes sence lol

keep up the good work

sez x

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