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I live in Northampton and when I can I write and draw... Samples of my work can be found at I've also had poems published in Parameter Magazine,,,, The CommonLine project.


Observing One Who Prays You kneel a the bed, With pursed lips, Like a child listening At the edge of woods. You mistake the wind For the sound of spirits. You see your prayer Descending peeks, Through storms and rain And endless oceans. Your faith is still intact, Patient as a widow, Who burns the candle On the nights shore, Awaiting news From the worlds end. You Are Like A God... You are like a god, But greater than a god, Around you is a greater quiet. Your silence feeds the Minds of men Who bring themselves To be fed at your feet. They pray for forgiveness -Which is greater than gods too- And lather themselves Into intense rituals. They maneuver in ornate Chapels and churches - All greater than gods- And softly furnished vestibules Clouded in incense. You induce men to madness And drive them arms first into death. Yours is the very thing that Compels men to build cities And demolish the buildings of others.

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