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Christmas and New Year

and I would call you from the Knights templar tower 2am 

Took to the holy well down in the Munster Republic 

When i landed there was a rainbow so 

Childers road Christmas prospects Nearly crying leaving Ireland 

Going for the party on the Irish sea it's called The Ulysses 

Feel to get pissed Blooms bar gone crazy 

Watching the lights of Dublin dissappear one of the sadest encounters I have ever experienced 

Tell myself I will be fine 

The things between me Roscrea and Nenagh I'll never reveal 

Have no one to tell can't explain anything 

Simple wandering fields within 

The Hallways buzzing with alive and dead cousins 

I miss home tonight 

A shadow of my former self apparently 

Say it as it is 


I wouldn't become what you wanted or who you thought 

3 cheers Still got it 

Stack the Guinness 

Mind altering business 

Or else don't judge You are just as fucked 

Start as you mean to go on 

Soz but, lose it until lost 

Here with me struggle is no stranger 


I am buried if you do not believe me 

Gutted we are not friends already 

With childish excitement Great rage and frightened 

Grin and bere it Scribbling out pointless memories 

Leave things be say nothing 

Time for a change don't you think? 

That Christmas when you hugged me I didn't want to let go 

I know you noticed 

Question my motives 

I can only smile if it makes you laugh 

From Allihies to Inverness Party Forever 

A giant cold bath for a young small wee boy!!!!! 

Writing out of my depth 

Holy water galore Stumble over loose rocks 

Pushing the boat out 

A man of music and emotional, magic and love 

A fella passes us the sands of time parading from his hands 

Celebrating our near misses with the odd fits of joy 

Rejoice rejoice They're about to kiss please God 

Never mind who's watching 

He collects his tears and why not?! 

Any minute now 

The sun falls away in despair 

They both stood up and argued 

Temair points I have to watch 

And everyone there on that boat are all kissing loads 

Paddles thrown clear the whole place rocking

She finds a floating bottle and drinks!

Myself could hardly cope at all

Caught in the moment

Now there's a mad bunch of hectic tear aways 

Getting all loved up 

Touching animal skulls and playing with each other 

Oh lord up on the shoulders of another woman she goes 

I am hurtling up you're garden path because 

I have jumped the gate 

Trees flapping 

So I'm holding branches 

Lights are twisted 

Everyone dances 

In circles I come 

My arms are raised up

Offering gifts amazed here I'm in 

She takes the branches from me smiling 

Anna springs to life singing 

As I happen to drop dead because of her 

Tell you're friends I do poetry on Carruantuohill 

Found the kitchen waiting 

Where the medieval babe's got all witchy 

Everyone throwing things about and me being spun around 

A lady orders me to follow but 

A dark character in a robe ushered me away 

To where music is played well. 

People are painting each other 

In an unusual room full of pictures 

3 fantastically beautiful woman picked me up 

From off of the floor really slowly 

I'm giving out my lyrics one by one 

Leaving and they are all waving me bye 

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