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You're not right in the head if you think I want to fit in

No offence I have my reasons

Blooming moody poetry

I got 5 out of 10 for performing in Didsbury the crowd loved it

F the haters they may dislike my face but at least I dispise them aswell

Mmm money lovers should remember not everyone's had a sheltered childhood soz

I've said too much its never enough

You make me feel like swearing yo and acting unapproachable

Doing my thing my own way - its gotta be done

Anti-social noncesence , must live and learn , abandon hope

Instead of doing open mic I'm going boxing no regrets

No fear or prospects. Self destructive unstable nature

Insane writing thinking about things another day passes

Have faith but keep you're mouth shut

Seem normal look busy follow orders talk in code

Get internet join the circus under pressure misguided step in line

Make friends and confused face the wall

Sing fucker sing ,went park to take my mind off things , it didn't help 

Confess confess Valhalla Rising

Pretend you're happy everyone's doing it

Denial of self taken to extremes

Feel ruthless change.

Built in guilt. My starsign said I am in trouble again

Should be ashamed of myself going crazy

Wreck head chanting , uneducated guessing

But me NO NO NO

I would not wear a black robe at a dark parade sinister celebration creepy passing out ceremony

It's complicated massive highs huge lows

On a promise a rebel without a cause

Amazing lonely tormented artist exsist deranged

Rest in bits want poetic justice heaven's raging ALL RISE

On your marks, get set....

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