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Almost Impossible Forest

Enchanted scenes running for my life

Lost horrible in the creepy mist of the strange dark woods

Think that I may very be well and truly gone good and proper

I have been in the water so my phone is broke

Acting absurd like there's no tomorrow.

I met two of my mates, it was weird, the one with the axe, I didn't really look at him,

I focused on the other man witness me dribbling maggots

Where are the others ? Jesus deep breath orrrr

I lay still and silent seeking comfort and guidence

Wiped mud on my face trying to fit in

Delicate steps taken throughout heaven

Questioning life running out of time

Moulding a resting place, think death is going to be agony

I buried whatever I had on me and marked the spot with a cross

Dug a hole on the hillside with my hands covered it perfectly in branches

Sat inside there watching out the slight gap howling monsters outside

Put my hand on my heart panicing closed my eyes out of respect

All natural trees pointed the way out

I had planned to make a run for it but things were crawling all over me

Bloody ticks

So I am trying to remember if I had any clothes on the last time I left my tent

Rejoiced with a whirlpool of blackberries at paradise fountain

I bow to your feet oh mighty tree 

Out of nowhere found myself swimming most unexpected

Rested my head against the shore and had to crawl out of the lake without any help

I went flirting over to the open fire

Had a good bowl full and my eyesight got better

I seen a flash of light shudder through the mind


Alive with warmth

Entangled amongst such charming overgrowth beyond belief

Mangled inside of the forest

Acknowledged alarm bells going frantic within

In a rush must run run run

Daydreaming of Banshees being after me find combs in the strangest of places

Fear of being gripped by my feet and dragged off downhill screaming

Ventured deeper past the point of return

Did not feel like being seen so I just crawled

Spoke with the flowers passionately

Jason and the Argonauts.

Dragonflies on wildflowers

Took it as a sign tried to leave a message using sticks

When it got dark I looked up at the stars whilst vomiting

It was hilarious on all fours laughing at sick

My mates can't fault me.

I think it felt like I had been hit from behind with a branch but I did not feel the need to turn around

Swim out to the island in the lake I thought

But the wind is whispering and I have seen things

It's too much. I sat in a puddle

We had a moment , is this bears skull anyone's?

Cla bocked ba bave ba bum ba bile babay

In there was top out of the way

I made mad funny faces and the trees roared with laughter

The next morning was bright I brushed myself down

And came across the mental hospital type building I had heard about

Then headed away for uneven ground in the shadows of a great cliff

Then realised that I should be searching for one of our mates who has gone missing

But I had forgotten what was happening

Held my hand over my mouth behind a tree when my name was being called

Watched a bull rage tied to a gate through a hole in the fence

Noticed a coat pass by on the river that made me go under

I am not here for nothing or for long

It was becoming dark again escaped inmate tactics

Went straight forward through spider webs headfirst 

Decided it was best for me to get in under the sink for a bit

But I really have fucked up this time because the axe I found is on the other side of the cubboard door

I have got my head in my hands listening to your footsteps




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