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Tell me everything you can't do to us

Awoke troubled from a crazy dream felt so real

Feels like something ain't right here and that's not fine with me 

Clothes shelter food smalls lennon hicks 

Why's does hidden knowledge exist?  

Does reality need saving? 

Amen Ra 

Check you're facts worship false idols 

Act popular. Mod cons. Goodbye nice try 

Spiralling out of control 

Thanks giving in isolation 

Wrote about earthquakes on the wall 

Felt some sort of connection 

Talk is cheap wait here earn you're credits 

Good worker. Make time 

Sign up search army jobs 

Giving the 3rd eye high 5s all night 

Tomorrow is a let down 

Playing snakes and ladders God loves a tryer 

Carefully hypnotised 

Tell me all the things you wish you could do to us 

Tough luck ill informed 

The plan is devastating but do I look bothered? 

Xxx attention seeking shifty behaviour 

Fuck utopia I am euphoric 

I mean who throws away pennies! 


Is this a victorian fancy dress event or what? 

Gave the TV a good beating 

But violence is not cool 

Fighting fucks your head up 

Earth takes a turn for the worst 

What else was it that you expected? 

The lab rats mission is to escape 

Happy accident yo 

Who knows anything 

Cordoned off caught shocked 

Break stuff 

The news is negative enough nice one 

Please look at me tactics 

Soul searching here in spirit 

We will never speak 

Hope Facebook makes you feel valued in-it 

The lottery must be fixed No rebels ever win 


Watching filth fucked 

Proud of the gutter 

Level one 

Got laughed at for mentioning floods ages ago now look 

The time is sponsored 

Welcome oblivion 

I was dropped on my head as a baby 

​Troubled waters and pain killers 

◄ Christmas and New Year

Clare wants a river to die ►


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