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Taboo sados bat ba bee binit beerter

Dear To Whom It Concerns. 

Wonder if anything interesting is happening in there tonight ?

High on life hope no one minds . am feeling lucky enjoying being me 

Thank God I was invited , I have a reason to go in !

So I went to the bar at the 3minute threater , as you do ,

And asked politely for a cider BUT to be honest 

All I got from them was some seriously negative energy straight away

They made me feel unwelcome and that's not a very nice way to behave towards strangers

What's wrong ? What is your problem ? What have I ever done to deserve such treatment ,

You're getting 0 out of 10 for your customer service skills !

Bet they have plenty of friends so when they seen me they thought No not him 

Your loss immature sods.

They asked me if I had just walked in from off of the street as I thought here we go again...

Blooming conservatives privillaged privillaged

As you can imagine they looked delighted with themselves telling me the poetry event happening is actually a private party which is weird because the lady who organised it invited me here.

Fair enough they refused to serve me drink basically my face does'nt fit

I stayed calm only because you're not worth it I will expose ye in a poem

Ganging up on people is called bullying

You two can't bring me down like you tried

I seen a lad in a Victorians cap get a pint so knew it was just me

Fantastic marvellous

Dressed as hippies but its all a show because in actual fact they are rather quite judgemental

Who would of thought it ....actors

I savoured the moment ,went to stand by the door getting the feeling I was being watched

You should of seen them rebounding off each other

Honey honey check this guy strolling in from off of the street

LOCK the door on him quick SHIT honey he's in , smile darling

Ask him if he's just walked in from off of the street , let's fuck with him

I don't like his face and I don't like the cut of his jib , don't serve him !

Tell him its a private party that will make him have to leave

Yeah we have the power here don't we darling

And we only like our clicky circle of poet friends us

Honey darling why has he not got off? 

Think we made it very clear he is not welcome here. 

Why's he watching the stage that's nothing to do with him 

We judge around here us 

Beard victorian cap vintage stinkers 

Oh wait shit honey does Carly know him?  

Why are they speaking then? 

I told her you're mates wouldn't serve me 


No they really are that pathetic 

By the way is this a poetry event or a private party 

Just wandering 


I fucking knew it! 

So why did they lie to my face saying it was a party then? 

I would like the real answer please!?!?!? 

Don't worry have you seen yourselves you can't offend me 

Who thinks I should perform this at it? 

Gonna sneak in next time 

When you see my face it'll be too late on stage 


Fucking liers exposed 

So Carly introduced us and they looked embarrassed 

Caught out yo! 

Guess what I got a cider afterall 


Backing off from acting so cruel 

No need treating me weird because I shower everyday? 

Fucking hilarious 

From an outsider looking in 

Get some sort of gimic involved 

They tried apologising But I wasn't listening 

Saying you know how it is? 

Indeed evil exists 

And personaly I'm sick and tired of tolerating demons 

I'm well use to it 

Come across the likes of ya loads no problem 

I did not have a sheltered childhood soz 

You do not matter at all 

Don't try bringing people down 

Just because it looks like they are having fun 

You might get shocked 

Count yourselves lucky I'm a nice guy 

But fuck with me and I'm bound to write about it 

Yours sincerely 

Christmas and New Year ►


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