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A Keeper's View


When you first passed through them
All butterflies and sparkling eyes,
Bouncing bundles of boundless potential 
In sharp creases and glistening shoes,
You will barely have noticed, the silent sentries
Marking the boundary between your worlds
Of heavenly refuge and interminable imprisonment.
Back and forth for years, growing as you go 
Like a tide, each droplet herded ever onward
By buzzers and bells to meet your future selves,
You will inscribe a path across this margin
So focused on the now, all change is imperceptible.
Until, perhaps, a brief moment of reflection,
Which often strikes only as you walk out,
And they close behind you, for the final time.

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Mark Mr T Thompson

Thu 18th Jul 2013 14:35

Yes it is Freda. I am a drama teacher who works in secondary, including an after school project where I often had to man a door in and was struck by the metaphor of the gate keeper to school life in general. Glad it resonates for you.

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Freda Davis

Thu 18th Jul 2013 13:54

Is this a teacher? I reminds me of my days as a primary teacher. The 'butterfiels and sparkling eyes, and the buzzers and bells.
There is a lot packed into this poem.
'So focused on the now, all change is imperceptible'. This is so true of class teaching. You get absorbed in the immediate task, and you look up and a year has flown by.

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