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Football's problem - a tee-total football fan's message to UEFA

We've heard sectarian and racist hate
seen a governing body in a sad old state
fans forced to flee flying fists in fear
but football's problem is not just beer.

We've Neo-Nazis, ultras and yobs
most whom must hold decent jobs.
Some come just for the fight I hear
so football's problem can't be just beer.

We over-pay schoolboy prima-donnas
to create cheap imitation Maradonas
for a sinister business class in the middle tier,
who know football's problem is not just beer.

It's all with awash with funny money
that rains from the sky on days quite sunny.
If oilgarchs don't just pay to make us cheer
then football's problem is not just beer.

Some peacefully can drink, sing and dance
their way through every night in France
So please, can we be completely clear
Football's problem, is not just beer


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Trevor Alexander

Thu 16th Jun 2016 02:55

Absolutely! You've only got to look at the Irish fans: nobody could accuse them of skimping on a beer or two, but they sing and banter with opponents, not in opposition!
I like this piece - it gets the point across well.

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Tommy Carroll

Wed 15th Jun 2016 15:08

Indeed Mark, alcohol is but one of the issues that face fans wanting a welcome environment and (for the fan) a satisfactory result after a good game. In 1996 Nederlands and France played at Anfield and Dutch, French and local (Liverpool and Everton) fans mingled in various colours, including club colours in and outside many pubs in the city center. Not a record of any disturbance that I was aware of.

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