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You shouldn’t make it up

Of the man who maintained 

That women should refrain

From applying their make-up on a moving train.


I ask where is your brain?

And how dare you complain?

And does your arrogance stem from a taste for cocaine?


You’re archaic forsooth

Sickening #metoo my back tooth 

So yeah, you’re about to get burnt by the fire in this booth.


You claim that she’s uncouth

When the underlying truth?

Is you’re upset you got blanked by a girl with her youth!


You claimed this ain’t the place 

Then you stared up in her face

You’re a despicable disgrace to the human race!


Just ‘cos it ain’t to your taste-man

You pitiful waste-man, 

Don’t mean by your forced discomfort she should be displaced man!


I really hope you now see the light

So we don’t have to have a row or a fight

That someday you’ll know the difference between wrong and right


But, if you’re not that bright

Then this here might be your station, your time to alight

While this old rhymer is still fakely smiling and tryna act polite.



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Mark Mr T Thompson

Wed 5th Sep 2018 17:09

A response to this BBC news article from yesterday...

Excuse the use of vernacular, it allows all sorts of contortions standard English alone would not

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