I might make you laugh, but I might also make you cry,
I might give you answers or make you question why.
I can look so serious or sound really quite absurd
I am divine unseen pen pictures designed to be heard.
I will make comparisons to shine a light inside your heart
I’ll begin our stories with with an epilogue or end them near their start.
My language can be quite colourful, yes I have been known to curse.
At times my puns appear prosaic but I'm sure they could be verse.
My lines could fill blank pages or stand almost alone
I’ve enlightened life’s darkest stages with words written safe at home.
I have lifted the down trodden and brought tyrants to their knees
told the tales that were forgotten and made the rude say please.
Some times I have a beat, but some times I don't,
some always expect me to rhyme, but sometimes I just won't.
Some find me a lifesaver even when I go unread
but like any affirmation I find, I'm best when often said.



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