So there's this dude

And his name is Swilly

But I rather call him Papi

Saivon is his real name

Unique just like him

Smear is what he calls me

He gave me the name the day I met him

And after that it was a wrap

As time began to progress itself

I found myself caught inside of his charmful trap

His aura is like no other

Kind of like you are hypnotized

Like I'm lost ...

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I never understood how

A stranger could care

I was never aware

Of your existence

I wasn't prepared for your

Entrance into my life

All I knew is that you

Have a son and a you have a wife

A big black man at

The age of 24

Randomly popped up at

My Uncle's side door

He had a pretty white smile

And braids that ran out of style

For quite a while

But for some r...

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Sisters of The Fatherless Tribe

Sisters of the fatherless tribe love men oh so very differently 

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Thank You

Eye honestly never knew this day would come

But eye once asked God what should be done

When eye was down and blue

And she answered to me

In the voice of you

You said 

" I can't hurt you anymore, don't be mad"

Eye can't even believe it, it felt so bad

But baby please know that eye understood

You said

"Jill you gotta go ahead and find you a nigga that will treat you goo...

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My Soul

My soul is Love

It is exuberant

It is abundant

Abundantly rich

Abundantly dancing around

In this vessel of mine

As all my ancestors

Rejoice in my name

Ashe! Ashe!

Love is kind

Love is untethered 

Love is in my soul

I am free

I am boundless

Abundance is my birthright

And I call it back home

I claim my power

Rightfully so

Into an infinite being


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My Solar Return

You are the most beautiful 

Reflection of my soul

That I ever did see

Do you know what I mean, Baba Di?

I forgot a long time ago

That such phenomenal things

Express themselves and exist

Throughout, within and without of me

I am blessed beyond

My own awareness

Spirit is always three steps 

Ahead of the mind

I come into the knowing of God

More and more each and...

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Where are you hiding?

Would you like to hear a story

About a child

Who knew the difference between

Love and hate

But it was, at the time, only mild

Oh the sweet atmosphere of love

So divine

So sad, she was ripped of its warmth

By the time she was nine

Confused and obliterated

She copied the demenor

Her mother demonstrated

She would mark the walls with blood

From her fists

And f...

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My Mission

Like I don't feel as bad as I usually do

But I'm still bummed out I can't even explain it

Im sitting here like damn all of this is really true

Im so used to the bullshit I get numbed

With every situation

Sitting here contemplating 

Like damn I still got feelings for him

One of the seven deadliest sins

Adulterer, homewrecker, slut

All this shit got me stuck in a rut


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To My Future Daughter

I just need someone to talk to 

Are you down to listen

Can I stare at you for days

And watch your eyes glisten?

I come from a broken home

No laughter, no love

Children all on their own

As I ache and cry

I reach for my phone

Hoping to hear your voice

But all I get is a busy tone

Being alone is my absolute and worst fear

As I sit in my room 

And fight back each...

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Love Thyself

Some people tend to run from reality by avoiding challenges. They fail to examine themselves and understand who they really are. -Unknown



Why are you running from

The very thing God created

When God made you

She smiled and rejoiced 

She celebrated the masterpece

Of her creation

Hold your head up high

And keep your dignity

No matter what you're faced with


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