So there's this dude

And his name is Swilly

But I rather call him Papi

Saivon is his real name

Unique just like him

Smear is what he calls me

He gave me the name the day I met him

And after that it was a wrap

As time began to progress itself

I found myself caught inside of his charmful trap

His aura is like no other

Kind of like you are hypnotized

Like I'm lost inside my head with him

And I don't remember the invite but I don't mind the stay 

And the thought of how his hands feel upon my skin

Is where my mind starts to stray

But I compose myself cause Swilly baby is so funny and so mellow

Talking to him is something that I enjoy

Probaby cause he's a Gemini

I know he's a nerd too

So his IQ gotta be super high

Super high just like him, That's what he always is

I just don't know if the man is ever sober

This man is just too fly he's super fly

Like the bullet shot from the gun

When its pulled from its holster


When I started to hear the whispers

Of how Swilly liked me and thought I was cute

I couldn't help but to smile as my cheeks

Turned to the color of red ripened fruit

See Swilly is one of a kind

Someone I'm glad to know

And in different ways I got to experiecne him

The development of the friendship went by kind of slow

The countless thoughts that ravaged me when Papi visited my brain

Finally becoming a reality, sensuality flowed from his fingertips onto my being

As my body started to tremble, his hands traveling up my thighs

As my thoughts began to reassemble themselves

My flower dripping like water, I can't even hold my composure

What he's doing is so good i never want it to be over

And I like how he's so kind, you can tell he has a big heart and it beats bold

I know feeling what i feel for him is some strong shit and it never gets old

I can tell when hes sad or stressed cause it be jumping off his aura

But still in that state of mind his smile breaks through the darkness like the aurora

Swilly is so rare he's exclusive and can't nobody compete

Saivon is an uncommon individual, the epitome of unique

Papi is oh so fine and hes just so sweet


◄ Bigga

I dance for the children of the world ►


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