I Am Done

I am done holdng the flames inside

Allowing the poison to implode

Im done warring with myself

For the sake of keeping peace

There is no hope 

For the wicked

And there is no hope

For the internal battle

Because at the end of the day

Better out than in

I'll always say

I don't care if you're not strong enough

To endure the storm

No mercy 

Oya energy

Get th...

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A Message To My Biggest Fans

I got a message for all you hating ass hoes. Y'all are my biggest fans and supporters. Your hate fuels my ascension. I love you. Mwah, kisses. ( And you may, at this moment, indeed be asking yourself "who is she talking about, who is she implying? is she reffering to me as said 'hating ass hoe?'" Listen if the shoe fits, you might as well put that bitch on, lace up and crip walk down the motherfuc...

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Lola's Thoughts

My thoughts are clean

I am kind

I am free

I have strong boundaries

I am stronger than any

Spiritual Attacks

I am stronger than any

Evil eyes

Any low vibrating entities


Or dark forces

My shadow and my light

Are very balanced

My angel and my demon

Are best friends

I am very sexy

Very sensual

Men get hard

Just from the thought of me


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My Name Is Sunshine

The Sun shows up everyday

Without missing a beat

Rather it's sad

Rather it's mad

Even if its misunderstood

It still shares it's heat

It shares it's warmth

It shares it's light

But not because

It's the right thing to do

Shout out to Spike Lee

Nor because

The Sun is polite

Or because

You gotta catch a flight

At 6 AM

And the Sun just wants to make sure


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Tick Tock

Clock on the wall

You tell me

How much time has passed

But not

How much time has been wasted

Watching the big hand

And the little hand

Chase eachother

Round and Round

Like a sick little game

Cat and mouse

Who wins in the end?

Tick Tock

Tick Tock

The mouse runs up the clock

To safety

Don't be hasty 

The rabbit is fast

But it is the turtle who is


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A Reminder To My Inner Teenager

You have psychic abilities

Its difficult to manage emotions

When you're swimming in a bunch of horse shit

It's hard to trust yourself

When you continually lie to yourself 

The way you've been lied to

You lie about how much fear and stress

You can manage and take

Stop accepting things 

You never wanted to accept in the first place

You are creating a community

With p...

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Love Is God

God is love

Love is God

The biggest scam

The powers that be

Ever delivered to man

Was seperating him

From the almighty Jah

Divide and conquer

Began there 

At that very manipulated concept

Then led to the man and the woman themselves

Then the family dynamic

Then the community

And then society as a whole

United we stand

Divided we fall

Treating eachoth...

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It Is Better To Be Alone

It's better to be alone

Than to be resented

By the one you love

It's better to be alone 

All on your own

Than to feel alone

With someone else

It's better to be alone

Than competing for 

The attention of 

Someone you put first

Whilst they put you last

It's better to be alone 

Than secretley hated

By the one you share a bed with

It's better to be alone


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I am Human

Its survival of the fittest

They attack me in the heart space

Because they envy

How much this heart of mine can take

As I contine to move foward

You would never know

That I was heart broken

You could never walk in my shoes

I fixed myself with the love of the ancestors

This is the heart of the Lion

The intelligence of the Owl

The body of the Goddess

The covering ...

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