The Time I forgot my plants name


Was it?

Oh my

What can I say

To my amazement

I had forgotten the name

Of my money plant 

I watered her

Sometimes I would forget to, though

Like I would 'forget' to put a fresh candle on my altar

Or provide them with agua fresca

Thank you for staying loyal eggun

I had honestly forgotten her name

Olivia was it?


No it isn't Olivia

I scolded my...

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You are so succulent

So seductive

Your prescence oozes

Love and spices

You bloom

Wild flower 

Bloom like saphire

Ember glow

From your honey eyes

Mama Bella

To my surprise

You are as divine

On the inside

as the outside facade

That glow ain't powder blush

Your soul is blushing

Sit back

And watch your soul glow



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A One Night stand with the Royal Knight of Darkness

And then all of a sudden

I found myself 

Consumed by your energy

You had found me 

Non chalantly 

Like it was just another day

Another night

Just like all the rest

But deeply pained 

Alas was I

From all of the other non chalant Knights

You did not feel for life as deeply

As I could have yearned for

For you were me

And I am you, before

But now we are col...

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I dance for the children of the world

I dance for the children of the world

I shake my ass for Mama Gaia

I jirate my hips for Oshun

I caress my breasts for Yemaya

Fertile rivers run and reside within my womb

You raped and tortured my sisters

Harassed and killed my brothers

In order to feed your selfish demons

So why I shake my ass I'll give you many, many reasons

I do it to activate my root chakra

I do it...

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