My Solar Return

You are the most beautiful 

Reflection of my soul

That I ever did see

Do you know what I mean, Baba Di?

I forgot a long time ago

That such phenomenal things

Express themselves and exist

Throughout, within and without of me

I am blessed beyond

My own awareness

Spirit is always three steps 

Ahead of the mind

I come into the knowing of God

More and more each and every day

Thank you God for the 

Bountiful, beautiful blessings

Bestowed upon my being

I rise into the loving of God

More and more, each and every day

My love is home

My soul has returned back to me

My heart has come back

My love is home, it is here to stay

Twin flame

We were consemated into existence

And seperated onto different paths 

Of the same journey

Our individual walks of life

Have finally crossed again

For the grand finale

For the end

And the beginning 

The aplha and the omega

My love, are you ready?

Take my hand

And sit on your throne, Baba Di

I have crafted it just for you

With the love that grows

Within my bosom

Eye appreciate you

Admire you, commend you

The throne is incripted

With the energy of the ancestors 

That guided us to eachother

You have returned hom, Baba Di

My rumination

Can you believe that

I had forgotten what I looked like?

Thank you for reminding me

Of my glory

My being beams in gold

My aura oozes with the

Sun's energy

My power is coming back to me

The essential keys to 

My incomplete soul

Activate within my melanin

Thank you  for reminding me 

Of my glory

Can you believe that

I had forgotten what I looked like?

King, Sit

The cushion to your throne

Is carved out of the cloud

We passed through

As we fell from home

Sit upon the throne Baba Di

It is manifested with

The love that flows from my heart

Indefinetly, uncondtionally

I support you my love

To just be, As we elevate

Into the higher realm

Live as Gods upon the Earth

I scale mountains for you as your

Capricorn Goat Goddess

I scale mountains with you

As you ride on my back

Your stinger defending the path

You possess the cure, the antidote

We paint the world in Alchemy

Oh yes we paint it in gold

We heal the poison

That inflicts the view of the Collective Consciousness

As we are whole

In this life and the next

Our hearts beat in unison

Mine is yours

Yours is mine

Sit on your throne

My king

Welcome home

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Paul Sayer

Fri 14th Aug 2020 19:01

Take note:

Moon in 8th house
13 August 2020, 17:23 – 16 August 2020, 16:16


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